-Where freedom is the new black-

You are the brave one. You are a firestarter.

We know this because you decided not to look the other way, but instead, you decided to stand against something that should not be --human trafficking, also known as modern slavery. 

We are thrilled that you decided to join us for the LBD.Project 2018. This month, we are going to change a little bit of the world together as we work to bring freedom to modern slaves!

To help you do this, each week you will receive an email with a link to a page like this. These weekly pages will serve as your guide as you walk through the LBD.Project 2018 so be sure you check them out!

Because, don't forget, we are here with you and for you. You aren't alone! 

We are looking forward to setting good and brightly burning fires with you in 2018,

-The LBD.Project Team 

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(Oh yes, we know there are some of you out there who actually forgot what you signed up for and it is just hitting you there was something about March and ending slavery that you should remember . . . If that is you, it's cool. Refresh yourself with this overview of the LBD.Project by Elisa, our founder, to get all fired up again!) >>>>>>>> 

This is what you can expect over the next five weeks: 







This week is dedicated to starting, including helping you discover your "why," setting up fundraising pages, and guiding you on how to create awareness.


Week two of the LBD.Project focuses on using our circles of influence and reach to help bring freedom to modern slaves. 


This week takes a closer look at ourselves and how we can be part of bringing freedom to modern slaves by reducing demand and looking at our lifestyles.


During our last week of the project we focus on wrapping up our efforts, concluding fundraising well, and working through how we can continue being advocates for freedom moving on.


After March and through April we will celebrate this year's LBD.Project with our final fundraising count, wins, and stories from this year's challenge. We are better together! 


Have you wanted to do something about human trafficking but didn't know where to start? This week, our goal is to help you "start" with excellence in three areas:

1.) Knowing your "why" inside & out

2.) Setting up your page for fundraising

3.) Sharing about the LBD.Project

  • If you prefer audio/video to reading, watch our Facebook Live video for week one here
  • If you fear you might forget something as you work through Steps 1-3 below, just know there is a comprehensive checklist at the end.

1.) Knowing Your "Why"

The very first part of the LBD.Project is wrapping your head around why you are even doing it. Sure, you don't like human trafficking, but why not? What would you want to be different? Is there a certain type of modern slavery that bothers you more than another type? If you could dream big for a world with freedom, what would that look like?

An Exercise: How To Make Your "Why"

  • Make a note or use a journal or scratch piece of paper and write at the top of it the LBD.Project's why: "Because everyone deserves a chance to be free"
  • Spend 2-3 minutes writing out why human trafficking bothers you
  • Write out what you hope for--your greatest dream when it comes to modern slavery
  • Write down a goal - what you wish will change in you and in the world by the end of the LBD.Project 2018 
  • Tape this note to your mirror or set your phone to remind you to read it once a week to keep your eyes on the vision of why you personally are doing the LBD.Project

2.) Setting-Up Your Page For Fundraising

If you aren't sure if you want to fundraise, you aren't alone! It isn't unusual for participants to choose not to fundraise, but before you make that decision, we really encourage you to think through what is keeping you from doing this. 

Even your ten dollars, and four of your friends' ten dollars can mean the difference between a survivor having that counseling appointment where she has a breakthrough, and where she doesn't. You may not realize the difference your fundraising can make. But some of our partner organizations literally have no money unless firestarters like us bring it to them. Without us, they can't bring freedom to the modern slaves they are working with. 

Your $50 might seem minimal. But combined with mine, hers, and his, we've raised tens of thousands. Even more surprisingly, it isn't unusual for those who actively try to fundraise to hit the $500, if not the $1000 mark. You don't have to be afraid; you aren't alone. We will guide you!


  • Decide which organization you want to fundraise for.
  • If you want to support the featured org, Hope for Justice, go here
  • If you want to support any of the partnered orgs, then go here
  • Click on the dark rectangle which says "CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO <YOUR CHOSEN ORGANIZATION>".
  • This will bring you to the organization's fundraising page. 
  • Click on "Join the team"
  • Sign up! 
  • Save the link in multiple places for easy access, like in a note on your phone

3.) Sharing about the LBD.Project

There is no "right" way to share about what you are doing with the LBD.Project, but this is always one of our participants' greatest concerns. 

We share about the LBD.Project in hopes to start a fire of growing awareness of modern slavery. Because of this, trafficking cases have been recognized and prevention has happened--just from our everyday normal lives! Once you begin to recognize what human trafficking looks like, and where and how it occurs, you too might begin realizing how valuable this knowledge is!


Another thing to remember is that when we are sharing, we always want to start with and come back to our why over and over. If we lose sight of this why when we are sharing, it usually comes out sounding soulless or demanding and bitter. We might not feel prepared to make a case about human trafficking, which is okay. But we don't have to defend our why, this belief of ours that people should have a chance to be free. Read this post by our founder about leading with your why: How To Create Human Trafficking Awareness That Actually Compels.

One of the most difficult things for participants every year is knowing how to share what they are doing without sounding, well, too crazy. Last year, we interviewed a couple of the introverts on our team to get a feel for how people who don't like to be "all out there" worked through their feelings about sharing and what they did. Check this post out if you relate: Introverts United to End Modern Slavery

Average Advocate


  • Share it on your person by pinning it on your black item with one of our pins or a sticker. You can also print and bring flyers with you so you can direct them to your fundraising page via our website.
  • Share it with your family, co-workers and friends by just being honest about what you are learning through it as you talk about it (it helps to focus on your experience, not the role that you hope they will play).
  • Share about it in one email at the beginning of the month to people you know about why you are doing the LBD.Project and inviting them to join you.
  • Share about it in one email at the end of the month to say what you learned and asking them to donate $10 to the organization you are fundraising for.
  •  Share about it on social media.

Here's how to make a copy & paste blurb to share every time you post something:

But I'm not on social media!

That is okay. Here is a short video with our founder about how to make the LBD.Project worth it even when you're not on social media.

What's the blurb for?

We highly recommend starting a note on your phone in a place you can easily copy and paste from. Include your why (or just use the LBD.Project's: "Everyone deserves a chance to be free"), your fundraising website link, and hashtags like the following:

  • #LBDProject2018 
  • #LBDProject
  • #HumanTrafficking 
  • #Firestarter 
  • #FreedomFighter

Having this note handy will make it easier for you when you post on social media everyday.

Social Media Post Checklist:

  • Post a picture of yourself in your black item
  • Or upload another image or one of our social media images (found in our Facebook Group's albums or in the Media Kit
  • Note what day of the LBD.Project it is
  • Paste in your fundraising link (and put it in your profile as well)
  • Paste in your why
  • Feel free to write other stuff in between. You can share from the 31 days of facts, use stories, or quotes.
  • Paste in your hashtags
  • Tag the @LBD.Project

Example Blurb: 

Day 1 of bringing freedom to modern slaves through the LBD.Project 2018 (the year of the firestarter 🔥). I am realizing more and more that my action--or lack of action--means something as I do this project. I am really inspired by the org I am supporting this year ( @thewellpath ) as they get started caring for survivors. Join with me in wearing black with the @LBD.Project or donate $10 at my link in profile: https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/lbdproject-2018-for-the-well-path _____________________________ This quote has been really resonating with what I am beginning to believe: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke ______________________________

#lbdproject2018 #humantrafficking http://www.thelbdproject.org  

Have you ever had any good, bad, surprising, or weird experiences "sharing" about the LBD.Project? Let us know in the comments below (or let us know if you have any questions).

Was all that information super overwhelming for you? It was for us! That is why we have a whole week dedicated to mobilizing. It can take a while to get into the groove and figure out what you are doing with this LBD.Project thing! 

To simplify everything above, we put all of it into a list for you. So if you want to go all the way and do all the things (like a right proper firestarter) you can use the following checklist to make sure all your duckies are in a row. (Full disclosure: even we on the LBD.Project Team haven't checked all of these yet! Sometimes it is challenging enough to just put on your black item to remember modern slaves.) 

LBD.Project's Firestarter Checklist

  • You have your black item of clothing
  • You follow us on Instagram
  • You've joined our Facebook group
  • You've changed your Facebook profile image 
  • You've added a "frame" to your image (search "LBD.Project" under profile image options)
  • You've changed your Facebook cover photo
  • You've ordered your pin
  • You've got some swag
  • You have your copy of 31 Days of Human Trafficking Facts and images
  • Days later, you still wearing your black
  • You've even washed your black at least once this week!
  • You've processed and know your "why"
  • You've chosen your org here or here
  • You've made a fundraising page
  • You've saved the link
  • You added the link to your social media profiles
  • You've made a copy & paste blurb
  • You've sent an email to your friends and family about why you are doing this, inviting them to join
  • You know where the media kit and the LBD.Project downloads are
  • You've begun sharing online everyday
  • You've watched this week's Facebook Live video if you thought it would help
  • You realize you can chill out (and then do so) because even firestarters need to rest sometimes!