You're At The End! It Is Finally Week Four, FIRESTARTER!

-Where freedom is the new black-

Week four has been a long time coming, hasn't it Firestarter? 

Some of you might be ready to burn your black item of clothing, ready to start a real fire! Hopefully something about the habit putting on your black each day has changed you to really care about modern slaves, and only increased your desire to bring these individuals that matter (just as much as you and I) to freedom. 

The LBD.Project isn't an end-game. Rather, it helps you take a stand, helps you do something, and is a starting place to mold you into an advocate for the oppressed. Some of you have been doing this through fundraising, creating awareness, pushing for laws to change, praying, and even just encouraging organizations who are on the frontlines. We know that some of you will go on to find a more permenatant role to bring freedom to modern slaves. Others of you might not in this season. Regardless, we hope that all of you walk away from the LBD.Project as forever advocates who will never stop caring about those who are trafficked in our lifetimes.

This week--Missionize--is focused on helping you finish this project well and begin thinking longterm about how you can proceed. 

Thanks for walking through the LBD.Project 2018 with us! Together we are so much better starting fires for the voiceless together!  

This week as we look at "missionize" we ask you to:

  • Reread your "why" from week one to keep your eyes on the goal 
  • Make sure you've donated your $10+ to our featured or partner organizations
  • Take sometime to skim through this page, check out the links, do any exercizes and commit to being a forever firestarter for bringing freedom to modern slaves

Keep burning strong and fighting the fight, 

 - The LBD.Project Team (you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram )

Human trafficking Mission

You're on week four of this timeline:







This week is dedicated to starting, including helping you discover your "why," setting up fundraising pages, and guiding you on how to create awareness.


Week two of the LBD.Project focuses on using our circles of influence and reach to help bring freedom to modern slaves. 


This week takes a closer look at ourselves and how we can be part of bringing freedom to modern slaves by reducing demand and looking at our lifestyles.


During our last week of the project we focus on wrapping up our efforts, concluding fundraising well, and working through how we can continue being advocates for freedom moving on.


After March and through April we will celebrate this year's LBD.Project with our final fundraising count, wins, and stories from this year's challenge. We are better together! 


Keep calm and stay strong! 

1.) Stories For the Week

2.) Your Last Job to Finish Strong

3.) Your Mission (Should You Choose To Accept It)


Alabaster Jar Project  

Alabaster Jar is located San Diego County and has been experiencing some growth they are excited about, which they shared with us below: 

  • Seeing women they serve get excited and want to give back, by speaking into lives of others as well as advocate for themselves and each other
  • Experiencing growth in their support group as they've brought in two more survivor leaders to facilitate
  • Celebrated with two of their guests at Grace House 60 days of sobriety and freedom from chemical dependency 
  • Celebrated with another guest who received her first ever real identification card

Learn more about our partner, Alabaster Jar and fundraise or donate to them through the LBD.Project here.


Right now, INsideOUT is excited to feel like they are in the right place at the right time. Over the past year, they've gone through a lot of transition, but the result is that they now feel like they are positioned to really make a big stand to fight against human trafficking in Idaho. 

Currently they have four houses for minor trafficking survivors in Meridian, Idaho. They are also working with state legislators on legislation to help fight against human trafficking. Their hope is that as they press foward, they will find people people to jump in and actively fight against human trafficking with them. 

You can learn more about our partner, INsideOUT and fundraise or donate to them through the LBD.Project here.


Hands-down, If you only do ONE thing to be an advocate for modern slaves during this whole LBD.Project 2018, we recommend you at least telling your friends and family about what you've been doing this month in an email.  

Why? Besides multiple one-on-one in-person or over the phone direct conversations, email is still overwhelmingly the best way to communicate with people, especially if you hope they will respond.  

Even if your co-workers saw you in your black every day, they might have not understood that you were wearing the same black item for a purpose. And even if you kept-up with posting daily on social media, it is easy for those to not show up in others' social media feeds, assuming they even check it (Besides, your beloved Aunt Betsy doesn't use social media!).  

Sending an email gives you a way to directly and respectfully let those around you know about something that matters to you. It also gives you a way to invite people to learn more or give without pressure. In fact, MANY PEOPLE YOU KNOW WILL WANT TO LEARN OR DONATE IF YOU ONLY GIVE THEM A CHANCE.  

The majority of the 50K+ the LBD.Project has raised since it began has come in the last couple days of March and first week of April BECAUSE OF THESE TYPES OF EMAILS.  

Even if you don't focus on fundraising, and just decide to let beloved Aunt Betsy know what you've been doing (because loves to hear from you) this is still valuable. She is one more person who might care about human trafficking, and because of this email, she might then recognize the modern slave that lives in her apartment complex.  

Don't underestimate Aunt Betsy, she might be itching to be a firestarter too.  

To make this whole "would you please send and email?" thing easier for you, here is an effective template you can alter and send out. (We won't be offended if you change or cut-out lots of it. We just want to help you get the ball rolling!) 

Your Email Template 

Hello family and friends!  

I briefly wanted to share about something that is very important to me that I’ve been doing this March--the LBD.Project 2018.  

Because I believe that everyone should have a chance to be free, I’ve been wearing a black NAME YOUR BLACK ITEM HERE (yes, the same one) each day through this month to help help me remember the 20,000,000-45,000,000 modern slaves, or human trafficking victims in our world and an estimated IF YOU KNOW LOCAL STATISTIC, PUT IT HERE where I live! If you haven’t seen it on social media, I attached this picture of me in my black at the bottom of this email (which makes me feel ADJECTIVE).  

This month, I’ve realized I care about bringing freedom to human trafficking victims because ENTER YOUR "WHY" HERE (EXERCIZE FROM WEEK ONE). It is a problem I can’t ignore that I hope you choose to learn about with me. (If you need a place to start, I suggest picking up the LBD.Project 31 Days of Human Trafficking Facts, here.)  



Besides committing to remember the modern slaves this month by wearing my black, and besides donating $10+ myself, I am inviting my friends and family to join me by donating $10+ to help at least one of these millions who are trafficked and enslaved. Honestly, it would be my dream to have you guys help me reach my goal of AMOUNT, which I know is easily possible if just DO THE MATH of you joined me!  

By myself, I can only do so much. But together, we can make a big difference for one of the LBD.Partner’s, SPECIFIC ORG YOU ARE FUNDRAISING FOR, OR SIMPLY “ONE OF THE LBD.PROJECT’S PARTNER ORGS”, as they do work bringing freedom on the frontlines by donating here. (LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE OR LINK TO IF YOU WANT TO SHARE ABOUT THIS ORG, THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO DO SO. You can also donate to one of the other LBD.Project partner orgs here.  

Some of you have already donated to the LBD.Project this year, and I am so grateful! Thank you! I am glad I am not alone!  

Note: If you are old school, you can also give me cash that I will donate online. Or you can send them a check, or give me a check that is made out to them that I will send on to them. Lastly, if you prefer a different anti-trafficking non-profit, that is okay too. The only thing I ask is that if you choose an alternative form of giving than through this link, please let me know, as we tally of how much we raised to remind ourselves that we can do something when we work together!  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and being my friend, even if you don’t choose to participate or give to this year’s LBD.Project to bring freedom to modern slaves! I value our relationship and am grateful for it. I just wanted to give you a chance to join me in something I am choosing to care about if you are interested.  

Thanks for being part of my life, YOUR NAME  

P.S. Again, you can look at the LBD.Project website here to learn more or donate $10+ here. Lastly, if you ever suspect human trafficking, please call the human trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888.  

Thank you for sending one important email to help bring freedom to those who have none. 




Go to WEEK ONE: MOBILIZE for help getting your fundraising and sharing set up (it is not too late!). 

Go to WEEK TWO: MAXIMIZE for work through how to live your LBD.Project story, use your influence and be inspire by stories. 

Go to WEEK THREE: MINIMIZE for work through how to live your LBD.Project story, use your influence and be inspire by stories. 

Maximize LBD.Project Circle of Influence Human Trafficking

As we leave this 31-day challenge to become advocates to bring freedom for modern slaves, we realize that this month carries into the rest of our lives. How can we be everyday advocates in our ordinary lives? 


Is volunteering for ananti-trafficking non-profit for you? 

(Coming soon)

Is political adovcacy for you? 

(Coming soon)

Is hosting an event for you?

(Coming soon)

Is creating awareness through occassional posts or small projects for you?

(Coming soon)

Is supplying prevenative education kids, teens, or adults for you? 

(Coming soon)

Is becoming a regular donor for you?

(Coming soon)

Is volunteering for the LBD.Project 2019 for you?

(Coming soon)

Is commiting to the LBD.Project 2019 for you?

(Coming soon)

What will you commit to, as you conclude the LBD.Project 2018, to continue being an advocate to bring freedom to modern slaves?


Maybe you decided you need to learn more about human trafficking. Stay tuned as we add resources for you to continue your learning journey below.