Conversations With Your Kids About Modern Slavery  

-Grow Their Compassion & Protect Them From Sexual Exploitation-

An online course helping you casually build conversations with your kids to teach them to value other humans, know how to protect their bodies from sexual exploitation, and guide them to compassionately act as they learn about modern slavery.


You care about your kids. And when you have time, you also care about the people of the world. Of course you want to protect your kids and instill in them a desire to value other people.  

But that doesn't mean you know how . . .

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"I decided to try out this course because I've always wanted my kids to see all people as being worthy of justice and respect. I honestly wasn't expecting much but the quality of this course surprised me and I knew it would help me after trying just the first dialogue! I am thankful this course gives me a starting point for vital discussions with my kids." 

-Heidi, mom of two


Conversations with Your Kids About Modern Slavery comes to you in six modules that are released every two weeks so you won't feel overwhelmed.  

Through the next three months you will be surprised at the growth you will see in your kids. 


1.) The Framework focuses on giving your kids basic vocabulary and values to build upon in the next lessons.

2.) Foundations in Justice helps you clarify your worldview so that you can know where you are leading your family, while helping your kids understand what living justly toward other humans might look like.

3.) Labor Trafficking uses historical examples of slavery to understand what the majority of modern slavery looks like in our world today.

4.) Sex Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation builds upon what we learned in the first lessons to help unveil this evil in our world at the level you believe your child is ready for.

5.) Reducing Risk & Prevention is a full set of tools to empower your child to be aware, protect themselves, know they are loved no matter what happens, and practice respect so they don't add to the demand.

6.) Compassionate Action capitalizes on every previous lesson to help your child come up with a plan to do something about injustice in our world.


Teaching Kids About Human Trafficking and Human Value Quote

"Teaching my two young daughters about respect, consent, and bodily autonomy is extremely important to me and my family. This course makes it so easy to do so. The design is beautiful, it is easy to follow, simple to adapt for different ages, and I really love how it gives me written step-by-step dialogues I can do whenever. With the help of this course, I feel I am on the right track to raising compassionate girls who respect both themselves and others, but feel parents of sons would benefit so much from this too!'

 -Nicole, behavior analyst & mom of two


Talking to your kids about modern slavery and preventing sexual exploitation are two topics that are often linked together and both can feel overwhelming. In fact, many caregivers find these topics so daunting that they avoid them all together!  

If you've ever found yourself asking these questions, this course is probably a good fit for your family:  

  • How do you talk with a two-year-old vs. an eleven-year old about human value?
  • My kids don't even know about sex yet! Why this relevant? 
  • Shouldn't we protect their innocence?
  • My kids aren't at risk for exploitation--are they? 
  • How do I build on my last conversation so you don't overwhelm your kids (or myself!)?
  • What resources are already out there to teach my kids?
  • Are there actually action steps my kids can do even though they are just so young?
  • What would I even cover if I was going to talk with them about modern slavery and sexual exploitation?
  • I barely know about these issues myself! Why should my kids?  

Conversations With Your Kids About Modern Slavery was designed to help you build upon these concerns and move into meaningful dialogue with your kids, to help them where they are at to value human life, protect them from danger, and give them ways to act compassionately. 


Elisa Johnston, founder of Average Advocate, empowers everyday people to change the world by helping them move past feeling overwhelmed, discover their purpose, and know where to start through coaching, speaking, and writing. She has also started or been part of starting over a dozen orgs/teams/movements that make a difference in the world (two of which are dedicated to ending modern slavery).

She spends most of her time attempting to live intentionally in her faith, relationships, home (raising her 3, 8, and 9 year-old kids), and enjoying her current neck-of-the-wood (beach!), San Diego.  

Conversations With Your Kids About Modern Slavery



Elisa started noticing a lot of parents seemed to want to raise their kids to be compassionate, valuing humanity, like she was trying to raise her kids to do. They also wanted their kids to feel empowered to do something about big social problems, like modern slavery. As even in the United States our children aren't immune from sex trafficking (a type of modern slavery), parents also wanted to know steps they could take to protect their kids from any type of sexual exploitation.  

To answer these questions, Elisa began chronicling what she'd been doing with her own kids. She began pulling from her expertise on modern slavery and sifting through the sexual exploitation and sex trafficking prevention trainings she's encountered.  

Elisa wanted parents to answer these questions:  

  • How do I foster compassion so my children care and are empowered to do something about modern slavery?
  • How do I help protect them and prevent them from being sexually exploited?  


How much time are you wasting, unsure of how to have these conversations? What if you could prevent what might happen in one, two, seven years from now, if you only started now? How many connecting conversations with your kids are being missed? What if they stop trusting you because you weren't honest with them early--when they were ready--just because you weren't ready?  

A lack of intention might cost your children more than you are willing to let them pay.

Or, how much could they change the world--young as they are--if you only let them try? What if they are a new generation--one that actually loves and respects other people in action and not just in accolades?  

Elisa has already put in the time and investment to help guide you, meticulously pulling this course content together in a step-by-step process so you can have confidence as you begin these conversations with your kids.

But only you know what is best for your family. You get to decide yourself if this investment is worth it.

Empowering ordinary people to change the world