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Understanding Terms for Poor Nations vs. Rich Nations

Terms of Poverty Whether in public political addresses or in pleas from non-profits, we have all heard some of these terms thrown around at some point or another. But just because we can infer their general meaning, I...

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10 Ethical Fair Trade Gifts Under $10

Ever have a hard time finding cheap ethically made, sustainable and socially good gifts to give? Check out these 10 ethical fair trade gifts under $10!

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To Mask or Not Mask?

To wear or not wear masks? Here's why I'm struggling as a high-risk for COVID-19 concerning masks. And it isn't just about loving others.

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Not Every Mama Feels Born to Mom

Not every mama feels born to mom . . . when you want to make a difference in the world and be outside your home but are also a parent.

Fallen Marbles: Mourning Another Black Man’s Death

It is the same story again and again: a Black person was killed violently and racism appears to be at the root. Lavender flowers fall to mourn George Floyd. As they have fallen decade after decade before. For who? For those who...

3 Tips to Be a Peacemaker

When the world is crazy or when we care about something a lot, how do we do advocacy well. Here are three tips to be peacemakers!

Your Voice On Racism

Your Voice on Racism is a series of stories you write and share about your experiences with this injustice based on color of skin. Do you have store to share?