For Parents Who Want to Help Their Kids Love Others, Live Justly and Make a Difference

One of the things I am asked more than others is how to pass on values to your kids that help them make a difference in the world. So many of us want our kids to care for the poor, stand up for others, love people around them, etc… but we honestly don’t know where to start.

Start Here Raising World Changers

So, I’ve heard you.

And it’s not like I 100% have this down, either. But I am will to let you in on the system I am using with my family.

I’ve been trying for years to make these types of actions and values pass on to my kids. (Examples: #KindnessQuest, orphan care, or Blackout Trafficking.) But I am not much of a systems girl, so compiling things and then putting it together as a thing (i.e., cirriculum of sorts) has taken some time.

However, I am super excited to share the School Year Character Challenge with you.

Why? Mostly because I actually think you can do it! And heck, it will help me be more intentional with my own family!

So, what is the next step?

This year, I am giving it away for free, hoping you join me when you can. I expect there will be some kinks along the way we can smooth out. If it goes well, we’ll make it better for next year. If not, I can just scrap it and take it offline.

So, follow me (and COMMENT!) on Instagram as I do this with my kids. I’ll fall down a few times along the way (heck, we’ve already had a few snafus in the first few weeks!) and you can help pick me up. (Please pick me up? Remind me we can do this parenting thing to raise kids who love others, live justly and feel like they can make a difference?!)

And of course, you must get your own copy free by clicking the image below!

Start your challenge!

Or, if you want more info (besides this takes a few seconds a day + 5-15 minutes a week for an activity), head over to the SCHOOL YEAR CHARACTER CHALLENGE.

Please share it with your friends, from homeschoolers, to private-schoolers to public-schoolers! I know there are more of us out there who want to guide our kids!

School Year Kids Justly Kids Loving Others

Hi! Let me introduce myself with my lovely cheesy fake smile. I’m Elisa Johnston and this is where I base online (in real life I’m usually in beautiful San Diego, CA).

I’m here to empower you,  an everyday, super busy, normal person who’s figuring out this adulting thing and who cares about stuff. I help you to be an influencer who makes a difference in the world. 

Stick around Average Advocate and together we will move past the overwhelm of life and the despair of global problems, find your purpose, and discover what your best role is to change the world is. 

I’m no magician. I just encourage and guide as I  write, coach, speak, consult and start-world-changing things to help us move forward.  

In case I sounded unapproachable, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Besides empowering this community, I spend most of my time attempting to live intentionally in my faith (I’m a Jesus person), in my home (the husband + raising my three kids + adult kid), in my relationships, and being creative and adventuring wherever and whenever I can. (Ya, I might live in beautiful San Diego, but I’m always itching to explore.)

Now it is your turn…  What’s your story? 

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