I started my first blog fourteen years ago. The content included badly written, excessively long essays about who knows what. Most were never read, which is probably better.

I was fighting, discontent and depressed. I advocated with anger and was insecure about where I belonged, thrown into adulthood and wondering what the heck happened. But in 2010 something changed and that year I started Average Advocate.

What changed? I felt like I finally figured out my “purpose,” or my “why.” I was going to help ordinary people who felt overwhelmed like I did to change the world. I wanted it to be a community. I had such hope.

That was NOT what happened. True, I ended up making a difference in the world, I lead and started organizations, I got involved in social issues and taught people how to pursue justice. (Thankfully, I also became a better writer!) But Average Advocate didn’t become what I expected. There are many reasons why, but one of them was because Average Advocate was about me & my story of becoming a world changer.

Fast forward to the present. This week, I finally relented and put up my mug on the face Instagram. It feels right, because Average Advocate does tell my story. It is me, Elisa Johnston. And even though I hope you become an everyday advocate too, you will never be me, I will never be you, and that is a good thing.

However, It also feels so wrong, because I’ve spent so much of the last four years trying to hone-in on making Average Advocate be about you. I’ve practiced coaching people through methods to discover their purpose, direction, and how to make a life plan that will keep them authentic, intentional, & protect them from burning-out. I’ve helped start things, mentored, and discipled you. I’ve  experimented with paths to help people live justly and act compassionately and become world changers.

Average Advocate might be me, but I give you me in hopes that you might avoid my mistakes and find a safe place to start.

Average Advocate is me, but it is now about you. I’ve chosen to become a guide, in hopes that when you’ll trust me enough, you will allow me to pour into you to live a story worth living.

Now, I guess it’s about us.

Hi! Let me introduce myself with my lovely cheesy fake smile. I’m Elisa Johnston and this is where I base online (in real life I’m usually in beautiful San Diego, CA).

I’m here to empower you,  an everyday, super busy, normal person who’s figuring out this adulting thing and who cares about stuff. I help you to be an influencer who makes a difference in the world. 

Stick around Average Advocate and together we will move past the overwhelm of life and the despair of global problems, find your purpose, and discover what your best role is to change the world is. 

I’m no magician. I just encourage and guide as I  write, coach, speak, consult and start-world-changing things to help us move forward.  

In case I sounded unapproachable, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Besides empowering this community, I spend most of my time attempting to live intentionally in my faith (I’m a Jesus person), in my home (the husband + raising my three kids + adult kid), in my relationships, and being creative and adventuring wherever and whenever I can. (Ya, I might live in beautiful San Diego, but I’m always itching to explore.)

Now it is your turn…  What’s your story? 

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