You are important, and the story you live is important too. This is why I am ALWAYS asking you to join me in Life Mapping, an intentional system of living that helps you become who you were meant to be and make the difference you were born to make.

But there is a problem with it–mainly, it is a lot of time and work. I still swear by it, but until you are ready to take that step because you can’t live without it, I still wanted to bring you a way to help you start living a story that is worth living.

I’ve been messing around with different ways to bring you a resource that can be a starting point to help you down this path and it is finally here. And I want you to try it for free, obviously. It takes about an hour of blocked-off time, which is doable for most of us (even if you have little kids)! 

Purpose Roadmap Living a Story Worth Living

Finding Purpose Starts with Redefining Success

If I told you that your purpose is unique to you alone, you would probably agree with me. In fact, that is probably why you downloaded this Purpose Roadmap in the first place–to help you walk through steps, like destination points on a map, that will reveal to you a story you can live, unique to you and full of purpose.

Yet for some strange reason, although we know our purpose is unique, we still tend to adopt our definition of success from the common themes of what our culture or family tells us it should be. Success isn’t about career. How we define success is how we determine whether we are winning at life, dictating whether we are living a story worth living.

Purpose Roadmap

A Story Worth Living

Too many people waste their lives away before they realize that they’ve been chasing a form of winning at life that doesn’t really matter to them. And for those at Average Advocate, I know you don’t just want to be “successful,” but you want to make a meaningful difference in the world, too!

Psychologists and religions around the world all agree that humanity can only find purpose if they live a meaningful life. But when we follow a checklist that society presents us with to give us meaning, it will not work. Each individual must redefine success–what a life worth living actually is–to begin the path towards discovering  their purpose and meaning. This redefinition is the first step.

Your new definition of a story worth living will guide you to make daily decisions that are worth your time, resources and energy. Will you find purpose in how much money you earn? How much freedom you have? Will you find success in the respect you receive, renown you are given, or titles you will earn? But you might find purpose in the way you choose to serve the world, live justly, or live your beliefs.

After working through these seven destination points, you should have an idea of how you want to redefine winning at life and can use it regularly to help you evaluate whether you are being who you were meant to be and make the difference in the world you were born to make. This worksheet is a roadmap to begin discovering your purpose.

Purpose Roadmap Button

Starting Your Purpose Roadmap

1.) Get your Purpose Roadmap: Discover a Story Worth Living here.

2.) Then, if it helps you, even a little, will you share this link with your friend too? They don’t have to try it if they don’t want to. But if they do, they at least have a chance to discover their own story worth living!


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Hi! Let me introduce myself with my lovely cheesy fake smile. I’m Elisa Johnston and this is where I base online (in real life I’m usually in beautiful San Diego, CA).

I’m here to empower you,  an everyday, super busy, normal person who’s figuring out this adulting thing and who cares about stuff. I help you to be an influencer who makes a difference in the world. 

Stick around Average Advocate and together we will move past the overwhelm of life and the despair of global problems, find your purpose, and discover what your best role is to change the world is. 

I’m no magician. I just encourage and guide as I  write, coach, speak, consult and start-world-changing things to help us move forward.  

In case I sounded unapproachable, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Besides empowering this community, I spend most of my time attempting to live intentionally in my faith (I’m a Jesus person), in my home (the husband + raising my three kids + adult kid), in my relationships, and being creative and adventuring wherever and whenever I can. (Ya, I might live in beautiful San Diego, but I’m always itching to explore.)

Now it is your turn…  What’s your story? 

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