I don’t know about you, but my moral compass has been spinning during the 2016 election. I want to seek justice as I vote, but I am not sure it is possible. To help myself (and others who felt this same tension), I asked you guys to share with me your own perspectives as you try to balance your worldview, beliefs about God, and opinions as you seek the good of our nation through the context of justice.


The goal of these points aren’t to fight, but to help us consider the same three points from various vantage points to help us look at all angles.


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God & Politics: ANONYMOUS #5 (Freedom From the Republican Christian Lie)


I am so careful to avoid politics on Facebook.


I also want to reach people in the church, those who believe any government system can save them, or that legislation is more important than evangelism. I was going to say “that legislation trumps evangelism” but just couldn’t get that word out. 🙂


It’s only recently in my own journey that I’ve finally been free of the lie that the political machine has been pushing for decades, that if I’m pro-life and a born again, I am obligated to vote Republican. This year has made clear to me what Republicans value. But now I’m freeee!


Anyway. I have loads to say about loving Jesus and our neighbors and how pro–life doesn’t ONLY mean stopping abortions–it means inviting gay people to dinner and serving in soup kitchens and not having too many toys and learning other languages and putting on boots in my region to go find lost slave cemeteries.


And all of it: Jesus.


I just keep finding that people claiming to be Christians are totally off message. Our message is Jesus Christ, and him crucified. No one and nothing else. 


Instead, what I see in the American church are passionate and vociferous campaigns to legislate the lost. Yes, it’s wonderful if we are so richly blessed enough to have laws against abortion and gay marriage and all that. Wouldn’t that just be lovely! 


But that doesn’t change hearts! So what if we have mostly straight marriages–but then they all go to hell. Then what have we gained?!

So, the lost remain lost. And those who claim to be found–oh Lord have mercy! So many!–are also lost.

This political season has driven home to me just how narrow the path is. And how crucial, how massively critical, our task is. How I’ve been slack, slothful, naive, oblivious.

I’d love to post “‘cmon, church! you are looking to Trump to save you!?“–but people voting for Trump is a symptom, not the disease.

I appreciate the vulnerability of those who chose to share. Considering, even if you disagree with them, please keep your comments clean and respectful or they will be deleted.

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