Although the majority of us are doing LBD Project 2016 in March, one group, with Present Age Ministries, has already begun! These quick starters are being led by an old friend of mine, Sarah.


Sarah (Journal of Souls)

When we first met, Sarah and I probably still wore makeup, traveled to Mexico together while newlyweds, and later had our first kids within a couple days of each other! I was able to stay at her house for a couple nights this spring on our road trip accross the country. That worked out really well for me, because my daughter was feverish and Sarah’s a nurse. Nothing beats having a nurse around when you’ve got a sick kid!


When we first met, Sarah and I still wore makeup!

May, 2015


Sarah became interested in the modern abolitionist movement a few years ago because of the Little Black Dress Project. She told me about how burdened her heart had become for trafficking victims since stepping her involvement up a notch (beyond just the LBD Project). She had since been volunteering for her local anti-trafficking organization, Present Age Ministries. Sarah told me the stories of some of the girls, and more so, how these stories impacted her.


The Faces of Real Girls

It is one thing to know that human trafficking is happening, and happening all around us in the United States. It is another thing to hear the real stories of real people. It becomes a little harder to think of those people as numbers, when their stories give them a face.


And those girls, these ones who aren’t just human trafficking statistics, are the ones whom Present Age Ministries is helping in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Present Age Ministries is a non-profit organization committed to fighting sexual exploitation by creating awareness and providing housing for trafficking survivors in–specifically teen girls ages 12-18.


A Video by Present Age Ministries

What to get a glimpse of the girls Present Age Ministries works with daily? Take a gander at this movie:


Present Age Ministries LBD Project, 02.2016

I encourage you to support Sarah’s new blog, Journal of Souls, created to help us walk in the shoes of others (or maybe, it is to see the faces of people who are otherwise just numbers to us). For those of you who are interested in fundraising in February or in March for this organization in North Carolina, check out her post about the LBD Project 2016 for Present Age Ministries.


Present Age Ministries Human Trafficking Org


Also, if you aren’t familiar with the Little Black Dress Project, take a moment to find out. You might be surprised and want to join us in some capacity or another. Then sign-up to communicate with the LBD Project group which, if I say so myself, is a wonderful thing to do (and a particularly great time to become involved, as we revamping and we need feedback!).

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