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Action: September Campaign For Charity: Water

Posted October 29, 2012 By Elisa

This is a guest post by Namira, a law student who just returned from the The Hague, where she was interning at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Apparently, she cares a lot about those without clean water! You can follow her on twitter right here. I learned of the organization, charity: water […]

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The first part of this post was taken from Rediscovering Social Justice: A Year of Awareness, a blog written by two students, one studying law and the other interior design. They wanted to do something good, so they are spending 2012 blogging about important stuff. Check out their daily posts, which help us to be […]

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The Ah-ha Moments of Awareness It is not uncommon to be unaware: What? Mitt Romney is actually the official 2012 Republican presidential candidate? I thought he was just, well, busy. And all over the news. Not really for real. What? There is a chick named Siri who lives in iPhones? She just hangs out, waiting […]

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Humans remember things. Its true we all like to remember different things, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. I like to remember days which bring awareness to a specific cause, like Malaria Day orAIDS Day. Even when we want to forget, we often remember those very bad days. A healthy things to remember is […]

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Moving Beyond Expectations When I talk about sports, I sound like an idiot. I choose teams based on the colors I like, unless I have some sort of vague attachment  to a team, like through extended family. Or that I lived in Spain. So, by plain luck, in the past twelve months my teams have […]

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Blog Action Day 2011: Food For Hunger

Posted October 16, 2011 By Elisa

Food For Hunger Last year it was water. This year it is food. I’m wondering if next year will be air? Are we covering the fundamental elements for survival? Regardless, today thousands of bloggers (those people who have so much to say for so few to read) are coming together for Blog Action Day 2011. […]

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Today I took a woman out to coffee. This was actually the second time I went out the coffee that day, coffee and breakfast with my dad. In the morning we were musing about how we just can’t give to everything, while considering the oh-so-horrible famine in the Horn of Africa this year. Isn’t there […]

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I guess what it comes down to, is that I really believe loving Muslims, showing Jesus to them, is more sustainable than getting worked about about halal.

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Delicious Water: Charities

Posted October 14, 2010 By Elisa

These charities have very effective, considerate, and sustainable practices. Which means giving to them does not just throw money down a bottomless well by building these wells. These wells actually transform communities and save lives. They are magic wells.

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