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When I was a kid, my family used to host exchange students from Japan. I thought it was funny that our students would hold two fingers up in a peace sign for pictures, an equivalent “say cheese for the camera.”  Later, though, I read this is considered the peace sign because it meant “V” for […]

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The Foreign Aid Myth (And Other Budget Stuff)

Posted March 13, 2013 By Elisa

The Trigger Button Every one has some trigger buttons. You hit your funny bone and you don’t laugh, you moan. You hit my nose and I will stick my tongue out. That is just a normal family tradition. You touch the toddlers toes and he will jerk around laughing. You post a political comment on […]

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God, Politics and Poverty Series: Changing Findings

Posted September 6, 2012 By Elisa

Not too long ago, at the base of the 2012 election, we started a series- God, Politics, and Poverty. The goal was to help those who consider themselves Christians to be able to really think through what the Bible says about politics, inviting other people to share their opinions on The Average Advocate. Please check […]

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Preview: Politics, Poverty, and God

Posted July 9, 2012 By Elisa

America, America, God shed His grace on thee. From Fatherhood to motherhood, And sea to shining sea! I don’t think I will ever get the words to that song straight. Embedded within my DNA is a specific genetic code to invent and insert lyrics at random. But even if I don’t get patriotic songs like […]

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Most of the time I wake-up thinking about my plans for the day, the coffee I’m convinced I need, and whether I am in trouble for sleeping in too late. But this morning, while ingesting my cereal, for some reason I was also ingesting the reality there are people- real actual people- that are trapped. […]

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What is KONY 2012 again? Did you see the viral video by INVISIBLE CHILDREN a month or so ago? Many of us did. Over a hundred million of us did. A lot of people who watched this video had never heard of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) before, let alone the horrifying brand of slavery […]

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Revolution: The Hunger Games

Posted April 1, 2012 By Elisa

The Hunger Games Have you ever been to an opening night movie? I’ve been floating through life, a virgin to this experience until the Hunger Games came out a week ago.  I had some qualms; I love to sleep and am paranoid when afraid I won’t get enough rest. I didn’t want to be forever […]

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Thanks to George Clooney and Enough Project, another situation in Africa (besides Joseph Kony) is being highlighted. Actually, it probably wouldn’t be getting attention, except Clooney and some others got themselves arrested, protesting outside of the Sudanese Embassy. Way to get attention, Mr. Celebrity. You all remember Sudan’s Darfur, right? You know, there were a […]

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Blog Action Day 2011: Food For Hunger

Posted October 16, 2011 By Elisa

Food For Hunger Last year it was water. This year it is food. I’m wondering if next year will be air? Are we covering the fundamental elements for survival? Regardless, today thousands of bloggers (those people who have so much to say for so few to read) are coming together for Blog Action Day 2011. […]

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