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Action: Using Slave-Free Tomatoes in Your Chicken Tortilla Soup

A Red Round Problem Ever wondered whether the tomatoes in your salad, sandwich or soup were grown and picked by modern-day slaves? Um, no? Well neither had I. Apparently, though, this is something we should think about. We don’t like modern slavery (human trafficking). We consider it wrong. Then add to this that we actually […]

Action: Making a Stand Against Slavery

Last year we tried out Action: Lemon:Aid Stand to raise money for clean water. In less than two hours, we were able to give 50 people access to water for a year! This girl, Vivienne, is taking it a step further. She is keeping her lemonade stand out all summer in order to raise money […]

Essay: The Slaves of Today

This guest post is by Kit, a blogger for Readingteen.net. Kit usually reviews young adult books, but attempted to tackle the subject of human trafficking for an assignment. I love Kit’s use of stories in her essay. I might often write about human trafficking, but I am guilty of rarely paying tribute to real people’s […]

Action: Letting Your Leaders Know You Don’t Like Slavery

Most of the time I wake-up thinking about my plans for the day, the coffee I’m convinced I need, and whether I am in trouble for sleeping in too late. But this morning, while ingesting my cereal, for some reason I was also ingesting the reality there are people- real actual people- that are trapped. […]

Action: Cover the Night to End Slavery (KONY 2012 Pt. 2)

What is KONY 2012 again? Did you see the viral video by INVISIBLE CHILDREN a month or so ago? Many of us did. Over a hundred million of us did. A lot of people who watched this video had never heard of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) before, let alone the horrifying brand of slavery […]

Art of Advocacy: What to Do With that Blasted Holy Discontent

YWAM I used to be a radical. After high school,  I moved to Hawaii to be part of a Christian organization called YWAM (Youth With A Mission). YWAM is spiritual, an environment where individuals discover who God is, being empowered to help others do the same. Although faith is at the core of their efforts, […]

Revolution: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Have you ever been to an opening night movie? I’ve been floating through life, a virgin to this experience until the Hunger Games came out a week ago.  I had some qualms; I love to sleep and am paranoid when afraid I won’t get enough rest. I didn’t want to be forever […]

Human Trafficking in Virginia: Is There Hope Tonight?

This guest post is by Dorothy, the “Vicar of Vibe” who lives by the motto of “love God, love others, it’s simple…” She is creative, bubbly, and full of passion to end modern slavery. Dorothy leads the Loudoun County (VA) Human Trafficking Task Force, works for Starbucks, and thrives on a creative team, blogging about […]

A Current Event: The Movie Star, the Nuba Mountains, and a Genocide

Thanks to George Clooney and Enough Project, another situation in Africa (besides Joseph Kony) is being highlighted. Actually, it probably wouldn’t be getting attention, except Clooney and some others got themselves arrested, protesting outside of the Sudanese Embassy. Way to get attention, Mr. Celebrity. You all remember Sudan’s Darfur, right? You know, there were a […]