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Designed to guide you past overwhelm, give you a place to start, and help you discover your purpose so you can make a difference in global social problems (you know, bad stuff like injustice, extreme poverty, human trafficking, girls who can go to school, etc . . .). 



You were born to make a difference in the world.

But, like most of us, you’re probably already overwhelmed with life. Between work, dishes, and parenthood, how are you supposed to find the time to care–let alone do something? Even if you did have extra time or money, how? Where would you even begin with the homeless guy on the corner, the girls being sold for sex at the truck stop, and the ever-starving children in Africa?

You might have believed you could change the world. Then you grew up.

First, you aren’t alone. The hoodlums of Average Advocates pretty much feel the same way. And although we can’t solve all these problems, we do think we can help. Our role is to help you find purpose, give you a place to start, and overcome  all. the. things. so you can learn how to truly love others and make a difference in global social issues.

Join us as we empower each other to change the world. 


Join the LBD.Project because everyone deserves a chance to be free

What is the LBD.Project to End Modern Slavery?

World Changers United is where you start it you don’t know where to begin in making the difference you were born to make. 

We’re based in a private Facebook group, where weekly world-changing challenges are given to help us become people that sincerely love others. From random acts of kindness, to doing something immediate to help a person on the other side of the globe, these are designed to take little time and little money so ordinary busy people can do them.

Average Advocate Coaching is one of the most effective ways Elisa can help you walk through the journey to being a world changer. But you can get a long way using her free resources, like the Life Mapping Workbook here >

Elisa Johnston’s Blog:

This is where you can read stuff that Elisa and other world changers write to help you make the difference you were born for.