Average Advocate Coaching: Life Mapping Package

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Alice and Wonderland’s infamous Cheshire Cat once wisely declared, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Unfortunately, this is the way many of us live our lives. Going down any, or all roads open to us, leading us to who knows what end.

Here, at Average Advocate, we might be fine with wandering on purpose (a practice I regularly take), but we highly value living intentionally. Why? We believe we were meant to be our best selves and were born to make a difference.

You don’t become and do that on accident.

This is why I practice Life Mapping, to be and do life with purpose.

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What is Life Mapping?

Life Mapping is a form of life coaching I use to guide people through a series of exercises that rapidly help them chart the path they need to be on to get to where they want to get.

How do you know if you Life Mapping is for you?

  • If you are sick of wasting time, having dreams tucked away, being stuck under a glass ceiling, felt like you’ve become settled or cynical, but aren’t looking forward to the regrets you will have at the end of you life, I highly encourage you to consider Life Mapping.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t know who your best self even is, don’t have a clue what direction to head in, or where you would like to make a difference in the world, I highly encourage you to consider Life Mapping.
  • Or, maybe, you love all the things, say yes to everything good and great, and are so overwhelmed striving for that meaningful life of your dreams that you are burnt-out, and drowning (or at least on that path)–If so, I highly encourage you to consider Life Mapping.

Will it solve all your problems?

Nope. Anything you purchase that claims to solve all your problems is a myth. Life Mapping isn’t an end-all-experience. Rather it is a draft that will need to be revised time and time again (ideally, quarterly for the rest of your life). For one, your route will continually need to be recharted as you and your circumstances change. Then, it requires intentionality through commitment, systems, and accountability to stay on that path with so many distractions around us. Some individuals would ideally move into continual co-active life coaching after going through the Life-Mapping Package simply because there might be so much more for them to work through, need accountability with, and have the support they want to keep moving forward.

In what ways does Life Mapping help?

After Life Mapping, most people find themselves moving forward in areas they’ve never got past “wanting” to do something about, they feel confident about what is most important to them, they have a much higher understanding of who they are, they are able to set reasonable goals, create boundaries, find purpose (or at least are moving forward to discover purpose) and they understand how to continue living their life intentionally without a life coach.

It can literally be life-altering (like it was for me), and in the best way.

Why fall so short of the being the you that you were meant to be and making the difference you were born to make?

Stop wasting your time, your life, any longer and decide who you want to be and the difference you want to make.

Because I value Life Mapping so much, I’ve laid out the workbook and instructions for you so you can do it on your own, without cost. I hope everyone will choose to do this, life coach or not!

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I will warn you, it is hard work. If you find yourself wanting the accountability and feedback most of us need to accomplish this, please come back to this page and book your first call with me–free–to begin the journey of living intentionally.

Check out the original post here on Life Mapping.

The Average Advocate Life Mapping Package includes:

  • Every-other week coaching calls for 45 minutes
  • Worksheets, assignments, and projects to help you move forward
  • Touching base weekly (in a short call or via email or text)
  • Guidance and feedback


This unique package focused on Life Mapping is priced at $235. (Comparatively, an hour a week over a three-month coaching period is priced at $750.)



Alternately, I accept Simbi (an online bartering system) at the rate of 150 Simbi for the Life Mapping Package. If you purchase the Life Mapping Package with Simbi, signing-up for Simbi using this link, I will reduce your Simbi price to 125 Simbi.