If you don’t know what Life Mapping is, a form of life planning, check out the original post here on Life Mapping.


As you know, life coaching is one of the ways I help people find their best role to change the world and I believe for many of us, this is an essential piece. So much so that I gave you a free Life Mapping Booklet and did Facebook Life tutorials (you can still find on Average Advocate’s Facebook Page) on how to do it.

But, honestly, most people need help, feedback, and, most specifically accountability to really look at their lives and consider where they are going. If you do want to end up exactly where you are now in five years, I don’t suggest Average Advocate’s life coaching.

However, if you are beginning to realize you need personalized help, I am creating a unique three-month life coaching package specifically to work on this. And to launch it, I am pricing it at one-third the cost of my usual three month life-coaching package through the Spring.


This package includes:

  • Every-other week coaching calls for 45 minutes
  • Worksheets, assignments, and projects to help you move forward
  • Touching base weekly (in a short call or via email or text)
  • Guidance and feedback


I have discovered we can get a long way with clients using this system.


My typical every-week three-month coaching package is priced at $650–but this unique package focused on Life Mapping I am temporarily pricing at $235.


Alternately, I accept Simbi

Currently I have four spots left, with two more opening in April.