Coaching & social good consulting through Average Advocate is for individuals and organizations who want to make a difference in the world but aren’t sure where to start, how to move forward, or how to overcome hurtles to achieve their vision.


Social Good Consulting with Average Advocate


Consulting is for non-profits, grassroots movements, organizations, businesses, & personal projects to help refine vision, develop leadership, create organization and make a plan to move forward in your mission to love others and change the world.








Coaching and consulting intensives with Average ADvocate


Would you benefit from a consultant or coach?

  • Would an outside perspective encourage you as you become a world changer?
  • Do you have a vision/passion but you don’t know how to transform it into something tangible?
  • Are you a burnt-out do-gooder who needs someone to walk with you as your recover and reorder to focus on what you really want to?
  • Does your business, church, community, or organization need someone to provide vision, direction and management to accomplish a specific advocacy project or objective?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, advocacy consulting or coaching is for you.



Am I the right coach or consultant for you?

After growing-up seeped in community efforts, public ministry, and non-profit work, then spending the majority of my adult life working as an advocate–I have reached a place where my experience and knowledge is now helpful to others.


I have a degree in the social sciences with a concentration on cultural anthropology, which I’ve continued to build-on over the last five years through continual research on global issues and following the experts and NGOs working on these issues.


But my life experience rather than head knowledge is likely even more valuable to you. Not only have I been a continual participant and have been mentored in the workings of outreach through my whole childhood, but as an adult I’ve lived this life. First as a missionary, then as church staff, and following that, the coordinator for a community organization. I also formed a non-profit and founded an annual nationwide advocacy project.


Through all of this, I’ve been asked to advise others on their own projects, and learned how to coach through assisting others.


Not to be forgotten, my own transformation–through mistakes and discovering who I am–as well as my strengths as a natural entrepreneur, innovator, visionary and connector have shaped me into a unique consultant and coach to walk alongside others.



Examples of ways I can help:

  • Lay-coaching and mentorship
  • Non-profit development
  • Project management
  • Volunteer coordination guidance
  • Founding systems and processes
  • Assessing skills and strengths for better focus
  • Establishing goals
  • Creating an event plan
  • Evolving and processing your ideas
  • Clarifying vision
  • Providing networking assistance
  • Developing connections
  • Directing online communications and marketing development
  • Acting as a visionary
  • Expanding potential
  • Directing community development research
  • Business planning
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions
  • Teaching team leadership/life management sessions
  • Creating missions statements
  • Public speaking for events (with booking fee)


As a consultant or coach I jump in with different strengths and experience to empowering you as you change the world. 


What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Most individuals or organizations don’t always have the time and expertise to work on their world-changing efforts, let alone take the time to become a better advocates by focusing on their own personal development. Both Consulting and Coaching provides feedback, re-organization, processes, vision, and encouragement to help expand influence your brand of influence on the world, while not sacrificing the important for what feels urgent.


But my consultations are focused on projects and organizations, rather than personal growth and vision. I help network, plan, and coordinate on your project or organization’s behalf. Getting feedback on the world changing ideas might be just what your project or organization needs to move forward.


On an organizational level, this looks like internal development of structure, processes, vision, goals, and values to make sure you are walking the path you want to walk–something that can easily be forgotten during rapid growth, or, alternatively, starting small and moving into a new season.


In the same way, when it comes to consulting for a vision/project, my goals are also to refine that vision, give feedback on what might work or not work, and outline a plan for moving forward–covering everything from management to social media.




On the other hand, coaching is more focused on the growth and vision of an individual. 


I employ life-coaching methods to helps clients get to a place where they feel like they know what their best world-changing role is, and how to overcome whatever is hindering them from being fully alive. I provide accountability in conjunction with a life-mapping framework. I will use structure to guide us and meet our objectives, concentrating on the areas my clients need the most accountability and encouragement in. I also utilize co-active life-coaching strategies to help individuals uncover their best path forward, rather coming with the assumption I always know what is best for them. My goal is to provide feedback in a safe environment, balancing invitation and challenge.


My expertise has developed through fifteen years of organizational leadership, mentoring, and lay-counseling experience.



The World Changer’s 90-Day One-On-One Life Coaching Package


If you do not just want to ride with the tide, but dream of living a significant life, making an impact, and living life on purpose this coaching program is for you.


Through this life-coaching model, we will make a plan to help you move past what holds you back, find and discover the unique gifts that you bring to the table, clarify your vision, and find a role for your passion.


Instead of feeling apathetic, frustrated or unsure moving forward, at the end of this program you will feel confident knowing what direction your life is headed in what steps to take to carry out your vision.


This includes a weekly hour meeting (in-person, or via video call or phone call), availability through emails and text, worksheets, direction and references in developmental tools, assistance working through your discoveries, and a plan to utilize after the 90-days are completed.


The World Changer’s Life-Coaching Package is being offered for $765 through January, 2018.


Yes, I realize this is a lot of money and I balk at putting a price tag on something invaluable that I would prefer to give you for free. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition for my time, and I have to be able to maintain my life’s priorities (like making sure my kids aren’t killing themselves with ice cream, vacuums, and paper airplanes, as is bound to happen without someone taking care of them). At least I can guarantee that if you move forward in this, that you can expect to be transformed.


Those who sign up for the World Changers Life Coaching Package need to expect their lives to change–this isn’t just an online video course that you can ignore for fifteen more years when you decide you are really ready to take a big step.   


Coaching or Consulting Intensives


These are 2-3 hour meetings (or calls) for those who already have a vision and idea for what they want to do, but just need someone to help them flesh it out, provide feedback and wisdom, and plan out steps to make it happen!


Coaching intensives are thrilling to be part of, because throughout the meeting something new and world-changing will become ready to be born!


In addition to the coaching intensive, you will be sent follow-up notes, your a plan, and any necessary referrals.


These meetings are currently $225.


Thank you for considering me as your consultant or coach! Contact me below to book your call:


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