I’ve been asked a bunch of times if the Causebox by Sevenly, brimming with socially good products, is worth getting. As their Summer 2016 Causebox (#7 if I can count correctly) releases this week, I thought I’d help you get in the know to decide if you want to buy one before they sell-out.



Five Reasons The Causebox By Sevenly is AWESOME!


I love the idea of socially good products being dropped at my door. Let me give you five almost magical reasons why:


1.) It is hard to find these socially good products in stores, which makes it difficult for me to change my shopping habits to invest in ethical businesses and be less dependent on modern slaves.

2.) Most socially good small businesses don’t carry a wide-range of products, so it gives me a good sampling of where I can find the things I want.

3.) I also usually can’t afford to buy socially good products from all the social good stores–this gives me a taster of what they offer at a drastically reduced price.

4.) Even when I do find a fair trade store, they are usually terrible places to hangout with three little kids, bad news for parents everywhere. As I already do much of my shopping online, this makes it 100% easier.

5.) Presents! Often something in a box will be the perfect present for someone I know. This is great because not only do I have to go shopping for their birthday anymore, but because I get to pass on my love for social good products, helping my family and friends see that being a world changer might not be as hard as they assumed.


In a nutshell, the #Causebox by Sevenly makes social good products easy & accessible to the average person. And this is what we are all about at Average Advocate! You know . . . inspiring and making it easy for us average people to change the world!


If you are interested in getting in on the Sevenly Causebox, go here.

Sevenly CauseBox www.AverageAdvocate.com

This is my Causebox #3 – I adored the coffee mug in it especially!


Reasons Getting the Sevenly Causebox Hasn’t Been All Roses For Me


Unfortunately, I have had some trouble with the Causebox, all of which required me to contact their customer service.


1.) Once I was shipped two boxes. I could have not said anything, but I did. Every other company has just let me keep the item they accidentally sent me. But although I offered to use the extra Causebox as a giveaway, I was asked to return it with a shipping label I could print. But, as we didn’t have a working printer at the time, were in the middle of clearing-out and remodeling and moving cross-country, and in general, for someone who knows that the logistics of going to boring places with Littles makes something small like “dropping by post office” into am exhuasting event–I was rather frustrated. It probably didn’t help that they wrote my name wrong and there were other less-than-professional spelling errors.

2.) Then there was the time that moving and credit cards screwed things up, and I couldn’t get into my account no matter how many times I changed the password–but this customer service person was wonderful. but that had something to do with moving and credit cards.

3.) There was also that one time my Causebox never showed up . . . but, this time my new best friends (ahem, I mean good ol’ customer service) saved the day.


The last two Causebox deliveries I have had no problems, so I am guessing it was just the growing pains of a new company getting better all the time. 



Because I love you and really wanted you to get a glimpse inside of a Causebox, you can watch me open and unpack one in this video. I also talk about pretty much everything I covered above, while showing you that month’s products:

So, is the Causebox worth it? Personally, I think so.

Again, if you want to get a Causebox, go here.

(And no, I am not being paid for this post in anyway)

(Share this image & link about the Sevenly Causebox if you think it will help anyone else out.)

(Share this image & link about the Sevenly Causebox if you think it will help anyone else out.)