(Note: The two below stories are inspired by this image) (The first short story of the week) Halo-Shoe Narrative #3427   There wasn’t ever the sweet grass prairie when she dislodged her aviators. Dee always found herself somewhere fantastical: a foreign landscape, some pounding club, or a colonist’s ballroom. She’d sigh, hike-up her stockings, and […]

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When I was a kid, my family used to host exchange students from Japan. I thought it was funny that our students would hold two fingers up in a peace sign for pictures, an equivalent “say cheese for the camera.”  Later, though, I read this is considered the peace sign because it meant “V” for […]

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Short Story: Rejected

Posted September 19, 2014 By Elisa

(Note: this following image is the prompt for this story)   He had melted into the bed for an hour by now, surely. Actually, it could have been hours, thirty of them. Those decades had passed in a blink, would he know if the hours had played the same game?   The sun was a […]

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Short Story: War Legs

Posted September 12, 2014 By Elisa

(Note: this above image is the prompt for this story)   War Legs Run. Run faster.   They galloped east. They skittered west. Now they trampled south.   Let those legs fly!   It always got tricky when they ran south. The dark trees spiked from the ground, a landscape barren but full of what […]

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Be Intentional: Seize The Day Bucket List

Posted September 6, 2014 By Elisa

Do you have a “Seize the Day” list? Or a”Before I Kick the Bucket” list? A “Live Life Intentionally “list?   I ran across mine the other day. I still haven’t milked a cow, but surely someday I will receive that blessed opportunity from somewhere (like a farm, but it is probably more likely that […]

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A Short Story: Colossus Stymied

Posted September 5, 2014 By Elisa

Colossus Stymied Princess be rollin’ down my hill again. I laugh, ‘cuz Princess gives me tickles when she goes a-hillin’. I call her Stellalina. We’uns need to be a’namin’ the princesses. But the others say I be a baby, cryin’ on, making pets out nuthin’ but fleas. I sing, “It don’t matter what they say, […]

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A Short Story: Darkroom

Posted August 31, 2014 By Elisa

  Darkroom   I swore vehemently at the ruined print, damaged by my sticky fingers. I knew Doc’s sensors were off; I didn’t want a beating– even if only telepathically.   I was on a slow-track to finish my dissertation, so I still had to “play worlds” with Doc in the lab until he signed-off. […]

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This story is not uncommon in the world of advocacy. Nor in the world of anything, where time passes and one works, works, works. After expending, imparting to love and free others, it seemed their toil was in vain. Those they worked for were not really free. But neither were they- the freedom bringers. The […]

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I Hate Childbirth, But There Is That Bliss   After my first darling was born, I think I went into a form of emotional shock. I was convinced I would have to have years of therapy before I could ever have another child. Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to receive those years of therapy, […]

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