Identity Crisis #3467 – My Messy Beautiful

Posted April 9, 2014 By Elisa

The other day, my daughter was excitedly expressing her admiration of the teachers and helpers at her school. I usually resist the temptation to to ask my kids what they want to be when they grow up because at some point in my life I began to HATE that question. But this time I gave […]

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Five Mistakes Activists Make

Posted March 30, 2014 By Elisa

There are five mistakes activists make. And five mistakes christian social justice people make. Then there are the same five mistakes anti-human trafficking advocates make. Or we can use the original topic- those who are interested in global missions and the five mistakes they make. These five mistakes are mostly plagiarized from this longer article by Shane […]

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There has been a lot happening in my life and in the lives of those I love. I am not one of those people who doesn’t feel, despite that I try to look at things logically. Considering, sometimes I feel so much I expect I will explode. Feelings are like that sometimes. But I don’t. […]

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Lisa Jones LBD

This guest post is by Lisa Jones, a wonderful speaker, writer, and just otherwise all-around talented spectacular woman.   Sadly, while we lived near each other we didn’t really get to spend much time together, though I highly respect her– somehow she manages to be funny, yet wise; compelling but  light-hearted. Lisa is real, seen pain, yet still believes […]

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15 Questions About Little Black Dress Project 2014

Posted February 27, 2014 By Elisa
03.2014. Little Black Dress Project 2014

Little Black Dress 2014 starts this Saturday, March 1st (or as soon as you can following that day). This is for all of you who are going to be doing it this year. Please confirm with me whether you are taking part this year, so I know who to continue sending emails too throughout the project. Also, feel […]

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Project Little Black Dress 2014

Posted February 19, 2014 By Elisa
03.2014. Little Black Dress Project 2014

2014 Little Black Dress is Here! Project Little Black Dress 2014 is beginning in just a couple weeks! Previously, we did this in February. But I had a baby. Considering my newborn has been flourishing, dispensing lots of spit-up and sleepless-nights, for my sake this year you all agreed to push it back a month […]

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Every Day Charity: The Man With A Cardboard Sign

Posted February 1, 2014 By Elisa

I was bored. My son was driving me crazy, asking to visit pretty much every person on earth we know. Honestly, sometimes we would think he didn’t know anyone’s names until he starts to list them off: “Can we go to Ms. Danielle’s?” “Can we go to Andria’s?” “What about Sean and Caroline’s?” “Or Grayson’s?” […]

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Intervention: Beyond a Christmas Story

Posted January 27, 2014 By Elisa

  Intervention Beyond A Christmas Story (This is an excerpt from the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative’s New Year newsletter. Please consider subscribing to this monthly update by clicking here). ————————– This past month we were excited to see your generosity first-hand! Together, you bought and donated thousands of dollars in gifts to girls who […]

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Art of Advocacy: Learning Rest

Posted October 22, 2013 By Elisa

I had the joy of being able to guest post on my long-time friend’s blog today, Peggy Spencer: Through the Storms, about rest and being an advocate. Here is a snippet:  Although Peggy and I went to the same college group, our friendship has grown mostly not in-person, arguing over Facebook, blogs and the like for […]

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One of the biggest problems I have with the idea of believe that God isn’t involved in everyday life is that it makes it really hard to worship God. It becomes so much hard to thank Him, pray to Him, and have conversations with Him. God becomes so distant. I started thinking about this again […]

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